What are Pomskies??

a) Pomskies are a DESIGNER combination of Siberian Husky and Pomeranian.  This allows for the dog to be smaller in stature and still have the beautiful Siberian Husky characteristics. 

What is included in the Cost of a Puppy?

a) Your pup will receive a Certificate of GOOD HEALTH from our licensed Vet, a full set of SHOTS with record, and 1 year HEALTH GUARANTEE 

What is the temperament of a Pomsky?

a) Our Pomskies LOVE PEOPLE of all kinds, especially children they also get along well with other dogs. They LOVE to cuddle and also to run and play, we recommend at least 1 hour of owner initiated exercise for a Pomsky daily!

What will our puppy weigh full grown?

a) We are currently breeding for F2's and F1B's = These are Pomsky to Pomsky and Pomsky to Pomeranian 

Do Pomskies SHED?

a) Our pups will have minor shedding and this will occur mostly during the changing of seasons. Brushing your pomsky weekly will help eliminate fur build up on top coat. 

How do I get on the waiting list?

a) A DEPOSIT OF $600 IS REQUIRED TO HOLD YOUR SPOT IN LINE ON OUR WAITING LIST.               When our waiting list is open you will see a form on our home page that you can fill out and submit. For all other inquiries please see the "contact us" page. 

Deposit may be paid via Credit Card, Check, Money Order and Paypal (preferred)

How much is Delivery?


Rates vary based on location and delivery method.

We NO LONGER fly pups out in cargo but you may fly into our airport and we will meet you! 

Ground transport within 600 miles is available see homepage for additional information!